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Skin Regimen Juvenate Body Scrub

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Rich, nourishing scrub containing chia seed granules to detoxify, re-oxygenate and nourish the skin. Wonderfully luxurious, creamy formula, suitable for all skin types. Used in conjunction with Skin Regimen Juvenate Body Cream, it acts as a complete anti-ageing treatment.


detoxification chia seeds pure silica particles oxygenation nasturtium extract


NATURAL CHIA SEEDS make this formula the only one of its kind. Because the seeds are natural, their colour and scent may change over time. The seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are released by massaging the scrub into the skin. The action produced by the chia seeds, together with pure silica particles, helps to detoxify the skin. PURE SILICA PARTICLES have a size of 200-500 microns that enables a uniform body scrub. NASTURTIUM EXTRACT stimulates the flow of oxygen between cells, thereby oxygenating skin tissue, leaving skin brighter, more even and glowing.


Suitable for use all year round.


Apply two to three times a week to wet or dry skin, massaging gently, paying special attention to any particularly rough areas, then rinse. Follow up by applying Skin Regimen Juvenate Body Cream.


230 ml

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