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Skin Resonance Cream Oil Cleanser

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Delicate cleansing recommended for sensitive skins, nourishing and protective action which make skins amazingly smooth and velvety



Aquaderm, sunflower lipids


The product, mainly olea, ginous, dissolves the face impurities via two phases: the first , creamy is more mechanical whereas the second, oleaginous, more protective, restorative and soothing. With Aquaderm and sunflower lipids, the detergent brings essential substances for the skin balance. The extract of sunflower presents a lipidic composition of ceramids and sterols similar to that of skin. Thanks to this intake it is possible to strengthen the barrier function of skin against external agents, in order to maintain its hydration and moisture. The lipidic membrane is covered with a liquid denominated NMF(natural moisturizing factor), the hydrophilic component of skin. Aquaderm is a complex hydrophilic, which imitates the NMF composition conveying a retrieved hydration and elasticity to the skin.


Morning and night for facial cleansing


Apply a small amount of product on a dry face and proceed with a circular massage. The product will tend to become oily. Proceed rinsing with water

150 ml e 5.07 fl.oz


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