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immediate relief and wellbeing,  a refreshing and decongesting action  and skin  gently and  effectively protected


white tea extract, Zanthalene, Aquaderm


the white tea extract titrated in polyphenols reduces the skin imperfection marks as redness and problems of blood microcirculation. Zanthalen is an extract obtained from Zanthoxylum alatum, a tree originating from China with a soothing action. Pharmacological research has evidenced in fact that Zanthalene blocks the sodium channels, reducing the transmission of the propulsion which brings pain and itchiness. Aquaderm is a complex hydrophilic which weakens the NMF composition conveying a retrieved elasticity to skin.


every time of the day to freshen up and give an instant relief to  delicate facial skin or an initial beauty treatment after  the daily cleansing of the skin


spray the product on the face and neck or on a cotton pad and then tap it on the face. Let it dry naturally. Do not spray on eyes


200 ml and 6.76 fl.oz.

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