PRODUCT Two dimensional mechanical exfoliant which removes impurities and refines the pores. Reawakens skin luminosity, leaving the skin soft and smooth. SCIENCE-BASED CONSCIOUS FORMULAS™, free from silicones and with 96% natural-origin ingredients.

CHARACTERISTICS The creamy texture and the bi-dimensionality of the particles guarantees an even exfoliation, suggested especially for impure skins, but at the same time suited to all skin conditions. With betaine, a natural osmolyte, the skin’s hydration is preserved.

HOW IT WORKS PURE SILICA PARTICLES with standard dimensions of approximately 200 microns, ensures even exfoliation. JOJOBA SPHERES have dimensions of 250-420 microns and are microspheres of jojoba esters. When massaged, they promote a soft exfoliating action that is well-tolerated by the skin. BETAINE is a natural osmolyte extracted from sugar beets. Physiologically found in the skin, it maintains an optimal state of liquids inside and outside the cells, preserving hydration and vitality even in compromised situations (extreme temperatures, pollution, sun exposure). It contributes to making the scrub gentle and respectful of the skin’s physiology.

HOW TO USE Apply once or twice a week to dry skin. Massage with circular movements, rinse with warm water. For more delicate skins, it is advised to moisten the skin first with water and then proceed with the scrub.

RECOMMENDED For all skins, especially those more impure, oily and resistant.