THE PRODUCT Innovative creamy anti-aging serum with active lifting, replumping ef- fect. The exclusive ARCHI-LIFT™ technology restores the skin’s ar- chitecture and corrects the structural and genetic alterations which the passing of time and lifestyle have on the skin. Redensifies, softens the wrinkles and bestows an even, overall luminosity to the skin. SCI- ENCE-BASED CONSCIOUS FORMULA™ without silicon and with 92% natural-origin ingredients.

CHARACTERISTICS Acts on the fundamental pillars of the skin’s structure: water, lipids and proteins, essential to maintain the definition of the face’s features and to promote a replumping and firming effect from the inside. Inhibiting the microRNA proteins, correct genetic transcription is restored for a visible younger skin. The absence of silicon guarantees a real improvement in skin softness and tone, without the use of “cosmetic tricks”. The serum is quickly absorbed and has a matte effect.

HOW IT WORKS MICRO AND MACRO HYALURONIC ACID (0,3%) renowned for its hydroscopic properties, has the ability to attract and retain water, imitating the hydro-filler. Thanks to modern technologies, it has been included with two molecular weights to act at different levels. The Mac- ro version for an immediate action at the epidermal level and the latest generation Micro version for a more progressive and profound effect at the dermal level. PAEONIA ALBIFLORA EXTRACT mimics the lipo-filler effect, restor- ing the correct functioning of the adipocytes. In fact, it stimulates the transformation of pre-adipocytes into adipocytes. PLANTAGO LANCEOLATA titrated extract, thanks to the inhibition of the microRNA, stimulates new collagen and elastin and protects their correct functioning. It also reduces the appearance of age spots and helps to prevent them.

HOW TO USE Apply morning and evening. For mature skins. It may be used on its own for skins which are more oily or in humid climates. For mature or de- hydrated skins, use prior to the specific anti-aging or hydrating cream.

RECOMMENDED Suited to all skin conditions to contrast the “hollowing” or emptying of the face, the loss of tone and elasticity and for skin which is prone to dyschromia.