PRODUCT A blend of essential oils of cedarwood and sweet orange in jojoba oil, intentionally created to favor profound relaxation and refound harmony during the day or before nighttime rest. SCIENCE-BASED CONSCIOUS FORMULAS™, free from silicones and with 80% natural-origin ingredients.

CHARACTERISTICS A blend which draws on the benefits of aromatherapy to bestow an immediate sensation of mental and physical wellbeing, helping to balance the frenzy of modern life. 

HOW IT WORKS ESSENTIAL OILS An exclusive blend, primarily consisting of cedarwood and sweet orange, helps to balance mind and body, to counteract states of stress and tension, and restore serenity. The essential oils of rose, sandalwood, geranium and vetiver complete the bouquet, providing an unmistakable olfactory identity, at once embracing and relaxing. The notes of the exclusive Tranquillity™ aromatic bouquet are captured by the olfactory receptors and from there are transferred to the amygdala, stimulating the production of messenger molecules which act on the emotions.

HOW TO USE PURE apply a few drops to pulse points, neck or behind the ears. DILUTED dilute a few drops in body cream or body lotion for a more intense aromatherapeutic action.

RECOMMENDED For everyone, to enjoy a moment of wellbeing, alleviate stress and improve the quality of rest.